This page describes State of Florida licensing requirements (once you have completed the online course):

Life Including Variable Annuity and Health Insurance (Exam Required)

To qualify for a Life Including Variable Annuity and Health Insurance Agent's License, an applicant must complete each of the items below and/or meet the associated requirements, as well as sit for their state exam:

Requirements for Successful Processing of Your Application:

-Printer capabilities: You will need printer capabilities to print out materials required during the application process.

-Application Fees – Fees submitted to the Florida Department of Financial Services for your application are non-refundable.  New license application fees are valid for 6 months.  If you are not qualified for the license or pass the state examination within 6 months of the application date, you must re-apply with a new license application.

-Completion of your application – Your application is NOT complete until you select a method of payment.  Once you log on to the system from the page link provided below, do not exit the system until you reach the page that advises that your application is complete.

Application for license may be made online at the following website:

Florida Department of Financial Services

Bureau of Agent and Agency Licensing

Agent Application Licensing System

  • Be a natural person at least 18 years of age.
  • Be a bona fide resident of this Florida.
  • Take and pass the required life including variable annuity and health examinations.
  • Not be an employee of the United States Department of Veterans Affairs or state service office, as referred to in Section 626.833, Florida Statutes.
  • Not be a funeral director or direct disposer, or an employee or representative thereof, or have an office in or in connection with a funeral establishment.

NOTE: A funeral establishment may contract with a life insurance agent to sell a pre-need contract as defined in Chapter 497. Also, individuals who are funeral directors, direct disposers or employees of a funeral establishment which holds a certificate of authority pursuant to s. 497.405, may be licensed as life insurance agents to sell only policies of life insurance covering the expense of a prearrangement for funeral services or merchandise so as to provide funds at the time the services and merchandise are needed. The face amount of insurance covered by any such policy shall not exceed $7,500.

  • When applicable, provide a Letter of Clearance

If licensed as a resident insurance representative (adjuster, agent, broker, etc.) in another state or province of Canada within the past 3 years, an original Letter of Clearance is required. A Letter of Clearance is an original certificate or letter of authorization from the licensing authority of the applicant's home state or province, stating that the applicant was formerly licensed to act as a resident agent, broker, adjuster, etc. (whichever the case may be). Such certificate or letter of authorization must be signed by the insurance commissioner, his deputy, or the appropriate licensing official and must reflect whether or not the former licensee has ever had any license or eligibility to hold any license declined, denied, suspended, revoked, placed on probation or administrative fine or penalty levied and, if such is the case, the reason for such action.

Mail your Letter of Clearance to:

Florida Department of Financial Services

Bureau of Licensing

P.O. Box 6000

Tallahassee, FL 32314-6000

  • Be fingerprinted.

Electronic Fingerprint Locations

The fee for the Live Scan process is $61 to $64 depending upon the county. Fingerprints are taken in all 67 counties. Specific locations, hours of operation and fees for fingerprinting are listed by county at:

Please note that new legislation has created an excessive volume of fingerprint requests in certain counties. The Department has had to make alternate arrangements in Broward, Miami-Dade, Duval, and Palm Beach counties.

All payments for Live Scan fingerprinting in Broward, Miami-Dade, Duval and Palm Beach Counties only must be paid online at or at 1-888-717-5699. This payment information is for these four counties and non-residents only.

Payment for all other counties must be made online at or by money order payable to Fingerprinting Services, LLC.

Locations for fingerprinting listed by county:


The Department will not delay or withhold approval of a license application due to the fact that it has not received a criminal history report based on an applicant's fingerprints. IMPORTANT: Upon receipt of a criminal history report from the FDLE/FBI, if an applicant or licensee has failed to divulge his/her complete law enforcement record on their application for license, such failure to divulge one’s complete criminal history record can result in their application being denied, or if already licensed as an insurance representative, can result in administrative action being taken by the Department.

NOTE: Criminal history checks are good for one (1) year. This means that if an applicant applies for an additional class of insurance license, he/she will NOT be required to file another fingerprint card unless specifically requested by the Department, or it has been over one (1) year since the Department received a set of the applicant's fingerprints for processing by the FDLE/FBI.

For nonresident agents:  Only fingerprint cards furnished by the Florida Department of Financial Services are acceptable. An applicant's fingerprints must be taken by a certified law enforcement officer, or by an employee of a law enforcement agency whose duty it is to perform fingerprint services for the public. The signature of the person taking the prints must be written in the space entitled "Signature of Official Taking Fingerprints." All personal information requested at the top of the fingerprint card (date of birth, place of birth, weight, height, color of eyes and hair, etc.) is required. Incomplete fingerprint cards will be returned which will delay the processing of an applicant's license application. Do NOT fold the fingerprint card.

  • Unless the applicant is a CLU*, within four years prior to filing the application for license, satisfy the educational or experience requirements by:
  • Successfully completing 40 hours of approved insurance course work for life and health agents; or
  • Successfully completing a correspondence course approved by the Department; or
  • Completing at least 3 semester hours of credit in life including variable annuity insurance and health courses from an accredited college or university; or
  • Having held an active life or life and health insurance agent's license in another state if the other state grants reciprocal treatment to licensees formerly licensed in Florida.


Life including Variable Annuity and/or Health Applicants: Applicants who hold the CLU designation and have been engaged in the insurance business within the 4-year period prior to filing their application for license with the Department, are not required to meet the prelicensing educational requirement or sit for the life including variable annuity and/or health examinations. An original letter from the American College of Life Underwriters certifying an applicant's designation status is required. In such cases, include a $5 license fee in lieu of remitting the $56 exam fee.

Additional Information:

If you have been licensed by another state:  Contact the Florida Department of Financial Services to determine if the state where you were formally licensed reciprocates with Florida.  Click here for additional information

Click here to apply for your state license.

A variable annuity license is issued only when combined with a life or a life and health license.

Applicants qualifying for licensure as life including variable annuity and health insurance agent who hold the designation of CLU and have been engaged in the insurance business within the past 4 years, are not required to sit for the examination. An original letter from the American College of Life Underwriters certifying your designation status is required. 

Individuals licensed for this class of license must meet Florida's continuing education requirements.

If you have questions regarding state licensure:

Florida Department of Financial Services

Bureau of Agent Licensing

200 East Gaines Street
Tallahassee, FL 32399-0319
(850) 413-3137

Main Agency Address & Telephone Number:

Florida Department of Financial Services
200 East Gaines Street
Tallahassee, FL 32399-0300
(850) 413-3100

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